Members can donate F.D. in the name of vayalil kudumbom on different occasions like birthday, marriage, memorial endowments. The interest obtained on these will be utilised for different projects.

(a) Educational help

(b) Marriage help

(c) Medical help

(d) Housing scheme


All donations contributions endowments to the kudumba yogam can be send to  mr mathew rajan  A/c no 12020100093164  federal bank kodukulanji br   ifsc code FDRL 0001202

Members please contribute generously. For further details contact


mathew rajan,
kodukulanji 689 508
kerala, india.
pin: 689508
phone:+91 9495636082   

E mail :


send photos to   pvarghese50@gmail.com



For such is God, Our God forever and ever; He will guide us until death. Psalm 48:14

Any email queries regarding web site or vayalil kudumbayogam send to: mtcherian@yahoo.com